Triathlon quebec

​certified nccp coach


training sites


certified coach level 1


Coaching (TrainingPeaks Premium account included)
        Running or biking, 80$/month
        Triathlon, 110$/month
    - constant communications (feedback) every week
    - minimum of one individual session per month

Training session (for all sports)
    Individual session
        40$ for a 1hr session
    Group session
        20$/person for a session of 1hr

​Virtual cycling at home
    30$/hr for coach's followed athlete
    50$/hr for not coach's followed athlete

Payment                            &                      available

  • Domaine Vert, Mirabel
  • Petit train du Nord, Blainville à Ste-Adèle
  • Forest Parc, Lorraine
  • Fontainebleau loop, Blainville
  • Lac Rond, Ste-Adèle
  • Parc des falaises, Prévost

Individual & group training session

Short & long distance triathlon
     - Race strategy
     - Effort management

Mountain biking
     - Steering skills for technical trail
     - Body/bike positioning based on trail path

     - Trailrunning technique
     - Cadence, swing, midfoot stride
     - Shoes & equipment s
     - Injury prevention, safety in forest
     - Exclusively outside training

Personalized coaching

                                               Premium account included
     - Weekly follow-up by email / text
     - Performance analysis and training load adjustment
     - Annual schedule according to your season objectives
     - And finally a great dose of motivation is included

Specific training plan

All my specific plans are in sales on

Virtual cycling session at home (Computrainer)
    Everything is included, you only provide your bike and your towel!
    One-hour session, coach included!
    Work in watts and improve your power.
    Large choice of workout and simulated circuit.